School Leaver Degree Apprenticeship

We have a great opportunity for you to earn while you learn on our School Leaver Degree Apprenticeship. You'll gain invaluable skills learnt on-the-job, and experience university life. In this 5-year fast-track to management programme, you'll also achieve a variety of qualifications. This includes Level 3 Hospitality Supervisor and Level 6 Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship. We'll also provide you with all the tools, training and support you need. So, you can discover your inner leader and help shape your career.

A smiling woman in a McDonald's uniform with a gray necktie and cap stands in a well-lit restaurant setting.

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[00:01] My name's Alicea. I'm a second assistant manager and I've

[00:03] worked at McDonald's for four years. I feel very

[00:06] grateful to be part of the McDonald's team, especially as

[00:09] a degree apprentice. The benefits that come

[00:12] with the degree apprenticeship program is that I get a degree. I work

[00:15] full time. So I get a full salary. So I walk out

[00:18] of uni with five years of qualifications and then five

[00:21] years of work experience. So I've gained a lot of skills and

[00:24] knowledge that I can apply to anything really. What I

[00:27] think makes the McDonald's apprenticeship different is that

[00:30] there's so much support within it. So it was a lot

[00:33] different than other jobs because it just made you feel like you

[00:36] were really wanted. The opportunity that McDonald's has

[00:39] given me is life-changing really it's

[00:42] really worth it. So I feel very grateful and proud

[00:45] to work from McDonald's.

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