The Development team is made up of three key areas. These are Acquisition, Construction, and Estates Management. We help acquire new restaurants that push McDonalds' growth ambitions. These include drive-thru and high-street restaurants, and delivery kitchens. It's our flexible, innovative approach that has helped us build this property portfolio.

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[00:00] My name

[00:07] is Evan. I'm a construction manager and I've been at McDonald's

[00:10] for four years.

[00:11] My role as a construction manager is to look

[00:14] after my team of project managers working

[00:17] with our franchisees and our own restaurants

[00:20] to make them a better place for our customers. I don't really have

[00:23] a typical day. I split my time between between running my

[00:26] own construction projects, managing my team and engaging with

[00:29] the franchisees and the business on how we're progressing

[00:32] against our program. The size of the organization is

[00:35] just, you just find something

[00:38] new in it every day. It's sounds really cheesy, but it's it's

[00:41] a big family. The people here are one of the reasons that I enjoy my

[00:44] role so much. So the best piece of advice I could give for

[00:47] someone joining McDonald's is be yourself. Bring all the

[00:50] knowledge that you've got and share those experiences amongst the team just

[00:53] because we've been doing something one way doesn't mean that we're doing

[00:56] it the best way. The culture at McDonald's is really inclusive.

[00:59] You always learning stuff off different people

[01:02] be it brand new starters or people that have been here 30 years.

[01:05] We're, we really keen to develop people to

[01:08] be the best that they can be. So as long as you as an

[01:11] individual,

[01:12] want progression and training there's there's plenty of

[01:15] opportunities to develop yourself professionally and

[01:18] there's loads of opportunities which can provide

[01:21] accredited qualifications, you know apprenticeships as

[01:24] well as externally if you want to pursue something like

[01:27] a chartership like I did last year to be a chartered construction

[01:30] manager. Being part of McDonald's team is really great,

[01:33] it's rewarding and the people just make every day

[01:36] really fun to be at work.

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