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We lead the advancement of food safety and deploy processes to anticipate risk. From farm, right through to customer. Working in our supply chain is fast paced and ever changing. So, we come together with our departments and suppliers to share ideas, best practices, and solve problems quickly.

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[00:06] My name is Sasha.

[00:09] I am sustainability officer at McDonald's and I have

[00:12] been here for just under two years. My role is a really

[00:15] diverse one. My main focus is really about driving

[00:18] sustainability in the restaurants. How can we build

[00:21] our restaurants to a sustainable standard? How can we operate

[00:24] them to a sustainable standard whilst, you know also getting our

[00:27] crew involved. How can we sort of shift their behaviors? What can

[00:30] we do from that perspective? I also work a lot around greenhouse gas

[00:34] emissions and reporting. I think it's incredible that I work

[00:37] in a very small team. But when you

[00:40] think about the actual work that we do and the goals that we're sort of trying

[00:43] to achieve we're impacting around 1400

[00:46] restaurants that serve thousands of

[00:49] people every day. I think there's there's no other ways

[00:52] to describe the impact of my work. My favorite thing about working

[00:55] at McDonald's I'm sure everyone will say this but it's the people.

[00:59] Everybody from the restaurants all the way up to the

[01:02] exec everyone's just

[01:03] brilliant.

[01:04] My best memory would have to be

[01:07] COP 26 and as someone who dedicated

[01:10] my life to sustainability it felt like a

[01:13] once in a lifetime opportunity. It was

[01:17] really exciting just being in a room where I

[01:20] knew governments, leaders of countries, all

[01:23] these sort of officials were in a room deciding on

[01:27] policy around things that would actually dictate my career and

[01:30] the future of my career and I think I would never

[01:33] have had this opportunity if it weren't for actually being at McDonald's.

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