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We're moving our mission to "make a better McDonald's" by employing three game changers. These are, Customer Experience, Continuous Improvement, and Intelligent Automation. Here, we strive to deliver value above and beyond traditional cost reduction. All achieved by driving better business outcomes.

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[00:01] My name is Laura and my role is an operations finance business partner, and

[00:04] I've been with the company for almost 17 years.

[00:07] I feel quite proud of it, what I do and my

[00:10] job. The main responsibilities are making sure

[00:13] that the directors of franchise can have the support from Finance

[00:16] It's making sure that they can lean on

[00:19] us and get from us what they need based on our expertise.

[00:22] I believe McDonald's culture is people orientated. As

[00:25] a team we always make time to do social

[00:28] events or put time in

[00:31] just to catch up on how everyone's doing that you're working cross-functionally

[00:34] all the time. So it's that people aspect that

[00:37] I like, building new relationships getting to know other people across

[00:40] the business pushing talent through. I think the social

[00:43] aspect, like I say with the job is really valued.

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